Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting

While the pandemic and day-and-day streaming has thrown the theatrical experience in disarray, there were no shortage of illuminating and stunning motion pictures in 2021. The team at Silver Linings Reviews are here to separate the wheat from the chaff and share our favorite elements from films released in 2021. While we tried to watchContinue reading “Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting”

“Swan Song” Injects Soul Into the Clone Subgenre: Film Review

Far too many science fiction films trade emotion and empathy for explosive spectacle. Even in the sci-fi clone subgenre, films like The 6th Day, Gemini Man, and Alien: Resurrection all look at replication as an antagonistic process that needs to be defeated with sheer force. However, Swan Song demonstrates that cloning is far more nuancedContinue reading ““Swan Song” Injects Soul Into the Clone Subgenre: Film Review”