Best of 2021: Our Top 10 Films of 2021

Read on to see what 2021 films you should add to your watchlist!

Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting

While the pandemic and day-and-day streaming has thrown the theatrical experience in disarray, there were no shortage of illuminating and stunning motion pictures in 2021. The team at Silver Linings Reviews are here to separate the wheat from the chaff and share our favorite elements from films released in 2021. While we tried to watchContinue reading “Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting”

22 Films You Need to Watch at Sundance 2022: Festival Preview

While many are in the throes of holiday preparations and catching up on all the films they may have missed throughout the year, Park City is preparing cinema fans for another year of incredible independent films. The line up for the 2022 edition of Sundance Film Festival (January 20-30, 2022) has just been released andContinue reading “22 Films You Need to Watch at Sundance 2022: Festival Preview”

Lake Placid Film Festival 2021- “Your Shorts Are Showing” and Festival Preview

A seemingly laid-back Eric P. Granger, the Director of the Lake Placid Film Festival’s (LPFF) 2021 Shorts Program, welcomed those who made the trek out to the storied festival. Considering the pandemic, the unfavorable weather conditions and the massive construction underway on Main Street, it would be understandable if those like Granger and Festival Coordinator,Continue reading “Lake Placid Film Festival 2021- “Your Shorts Are Showing” and Festival Preview”

The Journey Through Purgatory in “The Green Knight”

Sir Gawain (Dev Patel) begins his quest for honor in a similar fashion as countless other medieval epics. Yet, roughly 45 minutes into The Green Knight, the world around Gawain seems to transform into a strange dying planet, whose only inhabitants are restless spirits, indiscernible giants and a talking beast. What happens to Gawain thatContinue reading “The Journey Through Purgatory in “The Green Knight””