Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting

While the pandemic and day-and-day streaming has thrown the theatrical experience in disarray, there were no shortage of illuminating and stunning motion pictures in 2021. The team at Silver Linings Reviews are here to separate the wheat from the chaff and share our favorite elements from films released in 2021. While we tried to watchContinue reading “Best of 2021: Writing, Directing & Acting”

“Being the Ricardos” is an Identity Crisis: Film Review

The twenty-second episode of I Love Lucy, “Ethel and Fred Fight”, is chocked full of marital conflict and character development. At the center of this, and every episode of I Love Lucy, is Lucille Ball’s adeptness for sight gags and physical comedy. Lucy trying to escape a “burning” building while in a full body castContinue reading ““Being the Ricardos” is an Identity Crisis: Film Review”