Road to SXSW 2022- “Lover, Beloved”, “Pirates” & “This Much I Know To Be True”

Road to SXSW 2022 is a weekly series (every Tuesday) that highlights and previews 3 titles in this year’s film line-up in the lead up to the festival (March 11-20). SXSW festival passes are still available for purchase here. For a full list of the line up and schedule, please go to And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information on the SXSW Film Festival and all things movies!

Given that this is the fifth and final week of “Road to SXSW 2022”, we at Silver Linings Reviews would be remiss if we did not highlight any music-centric films. South By Southwest was initially birthed as a music festival in the 1980s, and as such, the mentioned films below and their melodic inspirations pay tribute to the core vision of the festival.

Suzanne Vega as Carson McCullers in LOVER, BELOVED. | Credit: Photo by Amy Bench

Lover, Beloved

Director: Michael Tully, Screenwriter: Suzanne Vega, Producers: Alan Berg, Rachael Trigg 

Cast List: Suzanne Vega

Synopsis: Lover, Beloved is a film adaptation of the one woman show by Suzanne Vega. Music by Duncan Sheik. 
Featuring the life and work of LGBTQ Southern author Carson McCullers. (World Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: As a one-woman show that adapts a classic American writer’s conversations into an experimental blend of theater, music, and cinema, Lover, Beloved may be the most bizarre film to screen at this year’s SXSW. The weird factor behind Michael Tully’s adaptation of Suzanne Vega’s show might get you in the door, but Vega’s introspective look on agape love will make this a special experience you don’t want to miss.

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 14, 12:00pm @ Rollins Theatre at The Long Center
  • Mar. 15, 9:00am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 16, 9:00pm @ Satellite Venue: AFS Cinema
  • Mar. 17, 12:30pm @ Paramount Theatre

PIRATES featuring Elliot Edusah, Reda Elazouar, Jordan Peters | Credit: Charlotte Croft


Director/Screenwriter: Reggie Yates, Producers: Kate Norrish, Polly Leys

Cast List: Elliot Edusah, Jordan Peters, Reda Elazouar, Kassius Nelson, Youssef Kerkour, Rebekkah Murrell, Shiloh Coke, Tosin Cole, Aaron Shosanya

Synopsis: Pirates is an exuberant comedy about three friends driving from North to South London on New Year’s Eve 1999 in search of tickets to the hottest party in town, set to a soundtrack of the biggest UK Garage hits of the 90s. (International Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: Movies about wild and extravagant parties have always been massive crowdpleasers at SXSW (see Booksmart, Neighbors, Sausage Party, etc.), and Pirates looks to follow that tradition. Reggie Yate’s directorial debut features a classic from artists like DJ Zinc, Wookie, Ms. Dynamite, and many more, making Pirates a must-watch for any fans of the UK Garage movement. If you don’t know what UK Garage is, Pirates still seems like a worthy watch thanks to its mix of humor and heart between three lifelong friends.

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 11, 5:30pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen A)
  • Mar. 12, 9:00am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 14, 7:30pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen C)
  • Mar. 16, 6:45pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 2)
  • Mar. 16, 7:15pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 4)

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis | Credit: Charlie Gray

This Much I Know To Be True

Director: Andrew Dominik, Producers: Amy James, Isaac Hoff 

Synopsis: Shot over five days at Battersea Arts Centre and on location in London and Brighton, This Much I Know To Be True captures Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ exceptional creative relationship as they bring to life songs from albums Ghosteen and Carnage. (US Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: Before returning to the world of narrative fiction this year with the Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, director Andrew Dominik revisits an old friend in the documentary, This Much I Know To Be True. While the synopsis for this film may sound like a typical music documentary, Dominik’s films are always far more complex and nuanced than they initially seem. The director’s previous collaboration with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, the Grammy-nominated documentary One More Time with Feeling, was widely acclaimed as an intimate portrait on grief and how it impacts one’s art. With such a breadth of talent behind the scenes and on screen, This Much I Know To Be True sounds like a cinematic experience you can’t miss.

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 11, 7:30pm @ Rollins Theatre at The Long Center
  • Mar. 12, 9am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 18, 12:30pm @ Stateside Theatre

All images and loglines for films provided by SXSW Press.

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