Road to SXSW 2022- “2nd Chance”, “The Pez Outlaw” & “The Thief Collector”

Road to SXSW 2022 is a weekly series (every Tuesday) that highlights and previews 3 titles in this year’s film line-up in the lead up to the festival (March 11-20). SXSW festival passes are still available for purchase here. For a full list of the line up and schedule, please go to And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information on the SXSW Film Festival and all things movies!

For the fourth week of “Road to SXSW 2022”, we at Silver Linings Reviews are in search of outrageous documentaries that you have to see to believe. From smugglers of candy dispensers, to shocking inventions and art heists, the three films mentioned below seem far too fascinating not to watch during this year’s festival.

Credit: 2nd Chance

2nd Chance

Director/Screenwriter: Ramin Bahrani, Producers: Daniel Turcan, Johnny Galvin, Charles Dorfman, Ramin Bahrani, Jacob Grodnick

Synopsis: An exploration of the rise and fall of Richard Davis, the charming and brash inventor of the modern-day bulletproof vest who shot himself 192 times to prove his product worked. (Texas Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: Oscar-nominated director Ramin Bahrani has challenged audiences’ perceptions of class structures with a heightened sense of realism in narrative fiction films like 99 Homes, Man Push Cart, and The White Tiger. Therefore, it only makes sense for Bahrani to tackle the documentary form with incredibly true story of Richard Davis and his ascent into the public eye thanks to his creation of the bulletproof vest. 2nd Chance received warm reviews ever since it has its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The combination of a fascinating interview subject and a highly acclaimed director makes 2nd Chance, as Nick Allen ( describes it: “…An incredibly bizarre but always affecting story.”

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 14, 9:00pm @ Stateside Theatre
  • Mar. 15, 9:00am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 15, 6:30pm @ SXSW Film Theater
  • Mar. 19, 2:15pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen C)

Credit: The Pez Outlaw

The Pez Outlaw

Directors/Producers: Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel

Synopsis: Steve Glew spent the 1990s smuggling rare pez dispensers into the USA from Eastern Europe, making millions of dollars. It was all magical until his arch-nemesis, The Pezident decided to destroy him. (World Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: Everyone loves a good collecting craze, whether it’s vinyl figures (Funko Pops), stuffed animals (Beanie Babies), or NFTs. However, very few of these hobbies turned potential addictions have a narrative through line that is as unbelievable as Steve Glew, a humble collector who made over four million dollars smuggling rare Pez dispensers out of Eastern Europe during the 1990s. Directors Bryan and Amy Bandlien Storkel look to tell this thrilling true story with a combination of traditional documentary techniques and narrative fiction interludes. This documentary-narrative hybrid has ample potential to make The Pez Outlaw a film that is just as fascinatingly fantastical as its subject material.

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 12, 3:45pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen E)
  • Mar. 13, 9:00am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 13, 6:30pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 1)
  • Mar. 13, 7:00pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 3)
  • Mar. 16, 9:15pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen A)

Credit: Scott Grossman

The Thief Collector

Director: Allison Otto, Screenwriter: Mark Monroe, Producers: Caryn Capotosto, Jill Latiano Howerton, Joshua Kunau 

Synopsis: It was one of the most audacious and puzzling crimes of a generation. The Thief Collector unravels the mystery of the infamous 1985 heist of Willem de Kooning’s seminal painting, “Woman-Ochre.” (World Premiere)

Why We’re Excited: If there’s any indication from Netflix’s plethora of crime documentaries, audiences love a good mystery to unravel. The Thief Collector immediately benefits from a wild tale of how a mild-mannered mid-western couple stole a $160 million dollar painting. However, it appears that director Allison Otto is delving far deeper into the facts of the case to explore the ties between criminality and familial bonds. If you’re a fan of art heist media like White Collar or The Lost Leonardo, The Thief Collector should be at the top of your SXSW 2022 watchlist.

When to Watch:

  • Mar. 13, 6:00pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen E)
  • Mar. 14, 9am @ SXSW Online
  • Mar. 14, 12:30pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 1)
  • Mar. 14, 1:00pm @ Violet Crown Cinema (Screen 3)
  • Mar. 17, 2:15pm @ Alamo Lamar (Screen B)

All images and loglines for films provided by SXSW Press.

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