DOC NYC 2021- “Zero Gravity” Reaches for the Stars: Film Capsule Review

Zero Gravity is an uplifting look at the future of coding and space exploration through the frame of a middle school space robotics club. Developing code for SPHERES located in the International Space Station conceptualizes the power of code for the young students and audiences alike.

Director Thomas Verrette’s documentary does struggle at times to explain the exact process of the SPHERES. The film could have benefited from a quick visual simulation or infographic of the SPHERES to translate some of the technological jargon for non-coding viewers. However, the students and educators’ passion for the project translates universally.

While space programs across the globe have struggled for several decades, Zero Gravity shows that the next generation of interstellar exploration is truly bright.

The Silver Lining

At just 74 minutes, Zero Gravity is one of the shortest feature length documentaries in recent memory. Its length makes the movie never overstay its welcome, unlike many docs that try to pad their runtimes with unnecessary tangents. Its brief runtime would make it a great tool for educators to show in their classes to highlight the power of code.

Zero Gravity is a part of DOC NYC’s (Nov 10-28th) 2021 lineup. Click here to learn more about how you can purchase a ticket for this title (for a digital screening).


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