“Nightshooters” Is An Action-Packed Misfire: Film Review

Nightshooters‘ logline carries a great deal of potential. A low budget film crew witnessing a mob hit in a deserted industrial complex sounds like the perfect mix of Die Hard and One Cut of the Dead. Unfortunately, writer-director Marc Price struggles to deliver the promise of the premise.

Marc Price does exhibit the qualities of a budding director. Nightshooters is competently framed and structured to maintain audiences’ attention spans. The zombie focused opening scene is a fantastic entry point into the narrative world of the film and a solid directorial decision.

However, Price would likely benefit from pursuing solely directing as it’s his script that is Nightshooters‘ biggest downfall. Price uses profanity in the film like it’s the signature menu item at an all-you-can-eat buffet. There’s nothing inherently wrong with excessive language, but in the case of Nightshooters, it significantly detracts from the overall development of the characters. Additionally the actors’ delivery of the profanity is as though they’re shouting the lines in a community theater and not in a film production.

While Nightshooters does succeed directorially and in its kinetic action sequences (more on that below), the film never quite hits its cinematic target.

The Silver Lining

While the dramatic scenes may feel stale and repetitious at times, when Nightshooters transitions into its action sequences, it transforms into a different film. Led by fight choreographer Jean-Paul Ly, every punch and roundhouse kick the stunt team delivers is packed with frantic energy. It also provides a much needed jolt of adrenaline to Price’s feature. Ly and the entire stunt crew should be proud of how they delivered fights that rival that of Hollywood productions that carry a hundred times their budget.

Nightshooters is available on Video on Demand starting today, November 2nd.

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