LPFF 2021- “Golden Voices” Reminds Us of the Importance of Being Heard: Film Capsule Review

On Friday, October 22, 2021 at the 20th Annual Lake Placid Film Festival, the audience attending Golden Voices was pleasantly reminded what it means to listen to your own voice, even when surrounded by the pressures of societal norms and completely new surroundings.  The film follows Raya (Mariya Belkina) and Victor (Vladimir Friedman) Frenkel, an elderly Jewish Russian couple, as they choose to leave their home country for Israel in hopes of a new start and better life.

The film is quirky, capturing the humorous and stirring struggles of making a new country one’s home. However, director Evgeny Ruman seems to lose the message of the film in its final act, as it can’t seem to decide if it’s a film for female empowerment and independence, or relational forgiveness and redemption. There are also some moments when the camera seems to linger a bit too long in a static location, but these can be easily remedied in the editing bay with very slight and simple cuts to tighten up the film.

The Silver Lining:

Director Evgeny Ruman provides a glimpse into what life would or may have been like for so many who fled their homes in search for a better future from tyranny and fear. There is an honesty from the delivery of the performances by Belkina and Friedman that makes Golden Voices so compelling and universally understandable.

Golden Voices is coming soon to a screen near you.


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