CIFF 2021- “Mothering Sunday” is Naked and Afraid of Intimacy: Film Capsule Review

Despite the passionate lovemaking between Paul (Josh O’Connor) and Jane (Odessa Young) during their sordid affair in Post WW1 Britain, Mothering Sunday fails to expose their vulnerabilities. The romance that holds a vice grip on Paul and Jane’s lives feels like nothing more than a period equivalent of a friends with benefits situation.

Helen Scott’s intricate production design and Jamie Ramsay’s lush cinematography are stunning to say the least. However, much like the lavish parties throughout the film, Mothering Sunday is beautifully vapid and empty.

While director Eva Husson attempts to make the whole affair worth while in the last thirty minutes, the meaningless excesses of the first two-third of the film never convalesce into a pleasurable whole.

The Silver Lining

No one does gorgeous period costumes like Sandy Powell. While many of Mothering Sunday‘s characters spend the majority of the runtime nude, Powell is still able to put her signature elegantly simplistic finesse on each and every outfit.

Mothering Sunday is a part of the Chicago International Film Festival’s 2021 lineup. Buy your tickets for your in-person screening on Saturday, Oct. 23rd now!


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