NIGHTSTREAM 2021- Festival Preview

It’s that time of year: October is in full swing and everyone is shifting their viewing interests to the weird, gory, and occult. While we all have our favorite horror films to watch during this spooky season, there’s a natural desire to add new movies to our Halloween watchlists. If you’re attempting to find your new favorite genre film, look no further!

The 2nd Annual NIGHTSTREAM Film Festival (Thursday, Oct. 7- Wednesday, Oct. 13) gathers some of the best independent genre films of 2021 all in one place! Started last year as a response to the dearth of genre film festivals due to COVID, NIGHTSTREAM is continuing its mission to provide intriguing independent horror, thriller, and sci-fi films online to audiences across the U.S. Tickets are still available to virtually attend any of the features in NIGHTSTREAM’s line up.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at Silver Linings Reviews’ early recommendations below and check out the full lineup here. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the our coverage of the festival starting on Thursday!

Silver Linings’ Recommendations for NIGHTSTREAM 2021


UK | 2021 | 83 Min | Danielle Kummer, Lucy Haley

Bus drivers from southwest England attempt a most ambitious stage adaptation of Alien in this overwhelmingly charming, hilarious and inspiring documentary.


Japan | 2021 | 70 Min | Junta Yamaguchi

A cafe owner discovers a time paradox in this mind-blowing, sci-fi one-take adventure from Japan shot on an iPhone. An Indiecan release. Read our review of Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes here!


United States | 2021 | 87 Min | Ori Sergev and Noah Dixon

The Columbus, Ohio music scene serves as a killer backdrop for this uber-cool thriller about a podcaster who becomes obsessed with a popular local musician. An Oscilloscope Laboratories Release.


United States | 2021 | 86 Min | Jane Schoenbrun

Escaping into an elaborate online game, a shy teenager begins to lose her grip on reality in this uniquely empathetic and unsettling genre hybrid. A Utopia Distribution release.

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